You know that feeling of sliding up to the dinner table with a bunch of pals knowing you have the perfect little story to contribute to the topic of conversation?

We love that feeling and we love stories. We love telling them, hearing them, and living our lives in a way that gives us stellar stories to share at our next dinner party or as we slide up to the bar with our pals.

Little Stories Podcast is a weekly show featuring your stories. Each week we’ll search for the best ones on a given topic and share your submissions on air. We’ll also talk to a unique cast of guests to hear their favorite stories, too.

C’mon, we all have a story to tell… And we want the true-as-sh*t, real life, deep and dark and wild and hilarious stories that you might only feel comfortable sharing with a degree of anonymity (we’ll leave your name out if you so request).

Ready to tell us your Little Story?

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Meet the Hosts

Two late-in-her-20s Maine girls who met at theatre camp in high school are now reunited in New York City. Kylie is the manager of The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher, as well as a radio personality and blogger. Kristen is an actor, writer, and model. If you like true crime reenactments, you’ve probably seen her work.