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I Will Double My Income in 2019 and Here's How

I used to claim I wasn’t money motivated, that I chased career moves and opportunities that I loved regardless of what they paid because as long as my passion was piqued, I’d be happy. But you know, that’s simply not true. Yes, I want to do something I love, that fills me up and gives me purpose. But I also want (need) to make money, and I really enjoy having it. So this year I set a big goal for myself.

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The First 5 Steps for Planning an Out of State Wedding

SPONSORED: For the last few months, wedding planning took the form of daydreamy conversations and a few e-mails to potential venues. But now, as I get more and more excited to marry Christopher, and as more friends and family ask, I'm wading slowly into the waters of wedding planning.

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How to Swim with the Original Swimming Pigs of the Exumas

Before visiting the swimming pigs of the Exumas, I thought a place so magical couldn't possibly be within reach or budget. I never thought this bucket list destination would ever be crossed off. But I was wrong.

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