The Best Vacuum Bag for Storing Winter Clothes and Bulky Blankets in a Tiny Apartment

My New York City apartment is near palatial and boasts tons of storage compared to some of the options I toured while apartment hunting. It's a true one bedroom (translation: no false wall separating the living and sleeping space) and the 650-square foot floor plan somehow incorporates three sizable closets. Still, storing all of my stuff has proven a challenge while downsizing from a condo in Maine with an entire basement plus a spare room dedicated to storage.

Stashing away winter jackets and heavy seasonal bedroom blankets is the most challenging storage task because these things take up more space than their summery counterparts. You can't just swap out your full-length down jacket for a jean jacket. The obvious option is to make the items take up less space, but it's not as simple as rolling and folding everything a few times and hoping for the best.

Eloise isn't allowed on the couch but she made a boring photo of a folded comforter look much better and I'm all about sacrificing rules for aesthetic. 

Eloise isn't allowed on the couch but she made a boring photo of a folded comforter look much better and I'm all about sacrificing rules for aesthetic. 

I've used vacuum bags before but my biggest beef was the awkward lumpy slab that resulted. Even if the bags reduced my clothing to a percentage of it's former size, they didn't fit anywhere but under my bed. And you know my under-bed space is already home to all of my videography gear and off-season shoes. Not to mention, the bags were often junk after the first use. The vacuum seal would break, a seam would rip, or I'd lose the little zip-slider that closes the top.

Compactor Bag-0850.jpg

The Compactor storage bags are my new storage obsession. These bags are contained within a fabric zipper case, so when you use your vacuum to compress and compact your things, they condense to a closet shelf-friendly size and shape. And in the process of taking these photos, I sealed, vacuumed, and unsealed at least five times. Every attempt yielded the same airtight result so you know these will hold up season after season.

This medium size bag I have is about the same size as an Amazon Fresh bag, if you know what I'm referencing. If you don't, here's a 20-pound cockapoo for scale. I thought I'd need a larger bag to fit my bulky king size down alternative comforter and duvet cover but it all fits perfectly inside.

Compactor Bag-9484.jpg

If you have large blankets, winter jackets, or a stack of clothes that you can't bear to donate but you know you need that hanging space for your summer rompers, throw everything in a Compactor bag, suck out the air, and stash it out of sight. 


Add the Compactor bags to the perfect system for an apartment closet and you'll be super organized before the spring cleaning season is over. 

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