The Most Adorable Cup of Coffee in Manhattan


I am a big fan of latte art, especially when it’s an adorable little bear staring up at me from a silky layer of chocolate cream.

Sweet Moment NYC is an unexpected treat on Mott Street, nestled among Chinatown’s unique retailers and food markets. It lives up to it’s name in more ways than one… For one, it’s a sweet little moment of quiet and calm in the otherwise loud and crowded streets of this neighborhood. And two, everything in this shop is dripping in gooey sweet goodness. Seriously, if they could put chocolate drizzle on the chairs without causing major inconvenience to patrons, I bet they would.


If you’re after a super Instagram-able cup of coffee, pop into Sweet Moment for a creamart drink. Although it looks like a hot espresso beverage with the most elaborate display of latte art on top, it’s actually a COLD drink. I think the cold cream is what makes the separation of colors possible, but don’t quote me on that. The only customization available for this cute little cuppa is the base — milk tea or cold brew coffee. No soy, almond, or other milk alternatives. You’re getting the full fat, full dairy experience here… But this drink is more about the experience, and the photographic evidence, than the actual cup of coffee.


Don’t get me wrong… It’s GOOD. Like, super good. But it’s also super sweet. I went with the Choco option and it tastes like a creamy iced mocha x100. With all the sugar plus the caffeine potency of the cold brew base I was pretty jittery for the rest of the afternoon. Worth it.

For the full experience, my friend and I tried the Nutella banana waffle and a few macarons (again with the cute bear face). So good, so sweet, and as you can see, so worth a photo.


Sweet Moment is a fun little stop if you find yourself in lower Manhattan with a sweet tooth. Be sure to have plenty of room on your camera roll to snap all the photos for your Instagram feed.