I Will Double My Income in 2019 and Here's How


I think about money. A lot.

I think about how much money I’ll make in a day, a week, a month, and all year. I think about what I’ll spend it on, if I’ll have enough to pay for what I need and also what I want. I think about who and what I can give my money to, by way of gift or charity. I check my bank account, my credit card statements, my student loan balances, and crunch numbers on the fly. Some days it calms my anxiety, others it just becomes a very un-fun spiral.

I used to claim I wasn’t money motivated, that I chased career moves and opportunities that I loved regardless of what they paid because as long as my passion was piqued, I’d be happy. But you know, that’s simply not true. Yes, I want to do something I love, that fills me up and gives me purpose. But I also want (need) to make money, and I really enjoy having it. So this year I set a big goal for myself.

I will double my income in 2019.

I am sending that out to the universe. I’m big into manifesting these days… But I know this goal will take more than wishing and waiting and hoping. The mindset is one thing (and I’ve got that down) but the action, the HOW, of this goal is another.

Working with Jenna Kutcher for the last six months has been the most motivating, inspiring, and eye-opening experience in terms of my entrepreneurial and financial goals. I’ve always had a little side hustle, shooting and producing videos here and there, but until I saw from the inside-out what Jenna has built and continues to build, I wasn’t really sure how I could generate real wealth and not just earn a paycheck. I LOVE being an employee, truly. I LOVE working on Jenna’s team, building big things with The Goal Digger Podcast, and learning by osmosis from her and my teammates. But my biggest financial dream is more than an employee salary. For me, PASSIVE INCOME is the ultimate goal.

Something that has stuck with me since I first listened to episode 219 of The Goal Digger Podcast (I get to preview all the shows before they’re live… work perks!) was this quote from Jenna:

“I am most proud that I have built a life where time is my currency and money is not.”

To me, it means creating a life where I don’t have to trade an hour for a dollar. It means serving others so I can create my own financial freedom. It means creating my own independent wealth, even while I sleep, so when I crunch those numbers they lead to security and comfort, not an anxious spiral.

I wanted to blog about this here, among my coffee recipes and fashion wishlist and NYC recommendations, because the steps I’m taking to double my income are things any person can do. I am leaning into the skills I already have and that I use every day to create value for others and generate income for myself. Also, blogging about it creates a certain level of accountability, so here I am showing up and making it official.

Expanding My Voiceover Work

I co-hosted a morning radio show for almost three years and in New York City I’m a weekend and swing talent on a country radio station. Part of my role as a radio talent is producing radio commercials and voiceover work for the station’s clients. Since I’m not paid extra for voicing this spots, I decided to expand my voiceover work outside of the radio station and bring on my own clients. I signed up for VoiceBunny two years ago, an online service that matches voice talent to available voiceover projects, taking a cut of the total job price. After a slow start, I started to see 2-3 jobs coming in a month, making about $75-$100 per job after VoiceBunny took their share.

This little side hustle was and is awesome, and it’s helped me build a portfolio with a wide variety of voiceover samples. However, this year I aim to book new voiceover clients directly and retain all of the income instead of paying a third-party a percentage.

I created a simple voiceover talent rate card and built a Google Form to accept new requests. Then, I used LinkedIn to reach out to a voiceover client that booked me on VoiceBunny previously. After that contact, I got connected to their marketing and creative team and pitched my voiceover services. I knew the benefits of working direct paired with my more affordable rates would be a straightforward sell. When the company agreed that working directly was best for everyone involved, I drafted a contract with a template I purchased, and set the team up with my voiceover submission form.

In one week, I received three voiceover requests from this client totaling $750 of pure profit for the exact same quality of service and product that I would’ve only made $75-$100 on previously.

My goal is to bring on two more similar voiceover clients this year who will book 2-3 jobs per month at a minimum rate of $250. The average time it takes for me to produce one 15-30 second read is 15 minutes. So at the end of the month, I will earn $2250 for 2 hours and 15 minutes of work. That’s a rate of $1000/hour. I can dig it.

The best part of this voiceover work side hustle is ANYONE can do it. With a modest mic and software setup, a little vocal practice, and the right strategy, you can monetize your voice and make money in your spare time.

Affiliate Links

I can sense your major eye roll from here. Affiliate links are links you can use to earn commission on the products and services you share online. They’re proliferating the internet and it seems like everyone is after that “influencer” life. Who hasn’t felt a little pang of envy when your favorite bloggers and Instagrammers post a new outfit (one of seemingly hundreds in their closet) followed by an invitation to SWIPE UP and buy it for yourself. Whether you read their terms and disclaimers on their website or not, they’re making money on you, and sometimes you don’t even have to buy the actual product. You just need to click their link.

It seems like a really easy way to earn some cash. So what’s the catch, right? There isn’t a catch really… Anyone can apply to affiliate programs and make money from their own links. If you have an online presence, whether it be a blog, an Instagram profile, a Facebook group, or Pinterest profile, YOU can share affiliate links. You just need to apply to programs, create a strategy to share your links with your following (big or small), and you’re on your way to your first sale.

Right now, I’m an Amazon Associate, I’ve joined rewardStyle, and I’m a member of individual affiliate programs for products I love like Care/of, FabFitFun, and Postmates. While my earnings to date are under $100, I’ve never really had a targeted affiliate strategy. If you peek around my site, you’ll see on the homepage a section to shop my favorites, and those favorites are my affiliate links for things I actually use and love. I’ve incorporated affiliate links from rewardStyle in a few blog posts and shared links via DMs on Instagram with anyone interested.

While these few methods have helped me test the affiliate marketing waters, I’m ready to create a more targeted strategy to generate real income. I’m excited to share the strategy with you and how it will tie into my content on Instagram, this blog, and on Little Stories Podcast. I’ll also share how-to guides for you to generate affiliate income for yourself, because if you have a presence online, you can and SHOULD monetize it.

An Online Store

I’m working on tons of free content that I’m excited to share, but I have some ideas that will require more work and brainpower and time to create. If I’m creating value, I should get paid for it, right? By the end of the year, I will launch an online store where I can share more in-depth resources to help you create new income streams, launch your own podcast, write better content, design a Squarespace website, and more. An online store is a big goal that will take a lot of advance planning to launch correctly. I’ll be testing content on my blog and giving freebies to my email list to see what content does best, where I could improve, and what would actually sell in an online store.

Money talk is still considered taboo, but why?

It feels equal parts good and strange to be talking about my money goals so openly. Why is money such a taboo topic? We all want and need it, right? Money allows us to do, buy, support, and experience whatever we want. And if you had the skills, resources, and time to double your income, wouldn’t you want to do the same? Listen, the three main things I’m doing to double my income are things anyone can do. That’s why I’m talking about it. There’s no benefit in keeping these strategies a secret. I want you to create new income streams for yourself, and work towards a financially independent life right alongside me.

Also, I just really want to be able to buy my dogs nice things and I feel like that’s something we can all relate to. On that note, I’m excited to have you following along. Thank you friends!