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My Coconut Oil Coffee Morning Routine

My best flow state hours are in the morning, sometimes as soon as I wake up. I make a to-do list, squeeze in a work out, and get down to work. Without a big appetite in the a.m. I know jumpstarting my metabolism is so important, and that’s why I love coconut oil coffee.

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The Best Vacuum Bag for Storing Winter Clothes and Bulky Blankets in a Tiny Apartment

Stashing away winter jackets and heavy seasonal bedroom blankets is the most challenging storage task because these things take up more space than their summery counterparts. The Compactor storage bags are my new storage obsession.

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The First 5 Steps for Planning an Out of State Wedding

SPONSORED: For the last few months, wedding planning took the form of daydreamy conversations and a few e-mails to potential venues. But now, as I get more and more excited to marry Christopher, and as more friends and family ask, I'm wading slowly into the waters of wedding planning.

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