My Hamptons Bachelorette Pool Party + Gifts I Gave My Girls


I thought I didn’t want a Bachelorette Party. Actually, I was pretty powerfully against the idea.

I’ll admit, my mindset was totally formed with the help of pop culture… I thought Bachelorette parties and their groom equivalents all carried the worst tone, tackiest theme, and the most negative connotations.

My future sister-in-law and close friend convinced me that a Bachelorette party was about celebrating my marriage (not mourning the loss of my single life like movies made it seem) and that the weekend could be whatever I wanted it to be.

With permission and encouragement to think of the weekend in a new light, I allowed myself to dream up a Bachelorette party I would really enjoy.

I told them all I wanted was a rental house somewhere beautiful with our own private pool and lots of good food, drinks, and music. That’s the kind of party I could get down with and something I’ve always wanted to do since moving to New York. Taking a page out of the RHONY book was high up on my Bucket List.

My goodness, I am so glad I let them talk me into it. I had my feet so firmly planted in negativity surrounding the event that I almost missed out on a memorable once-in-a-lifetime weekend to shake off a little pre-wedding anxiety and stress.

We found a gorgeous AirBnb beach chic cottage on Shelter Island, located a super quick and cheap car ferry ride away from the Hamptons, just over two hours from NYC without traffic. It was the perfect spot for a low-key Bachelorette weekend, but I’m absolutely planning to go back for a couples’ trip to escape the humidity hell of NYC next summer.

The salt water pool was the highlight of the house. It was the perfect temperature, just cool enough to be refreshing but warm enough that you wanted to stay in it all day. The second day we were there I think I was in the pool for a total of five hours.

We used the grill on the deck to make dinner the first night we were there and drank pleeenty of wine at the house. The next day when we were nursing minor/major hangovers, floating on the giant unicorn and flamingo was super relaxing. Also, yes, I made my friends take my picture on the floats, I’m not above it.


Of course, my party planners wouldn’t let me escape the weekend without something penis-shaped and other classic Bachelorette party accessories. The fact that they spent time, money, and energy planning and decorating everything made me feel so, so special.

To be honest, I got over my Bachelorette prejudices pretty quickly. Something about drinking rosé out of a penis straw… It’ something everyone should try at least once.

You feel ridiculous and scandalous all at once. And if there’s ever a time to feel that way, it’s at your own Bach bash with women you love.


I was truly floored by the consideration and attention these women put into my weekend. I know it couldn’t have been cheap or simple to make the weekend happen. Some of them took time off work, spent money on train tickets, bought food and wine to share, and devoted their precious time to me.

I couldn’t not give them all a little somethin’ somethin’ to say thank you for celebrating my bride status with me, so I put together gift packs for everyone that put were both fun and functional. I really wanted to give them something they’d use, not just novelties that would be great for the weekend but serve no purpose elsewhere.


Making these gift packs was super fun. I haven't done a DIY project in years. I put all the little care package items in the canvas pouches, rolled the wine tumbler in the Turkish cotton beach towel, and bundled them up with white ribbon.


My girls loved these packs! The towels and wine tumblers were perfect by the pool. Turkish cotton dries quickly and it’s not bulky like typical terry cloth towels. They also worked great as wraps over our bathing suits. I even ran to the grocery store wearing one of the towels as a cover-up.

We used the Grace & Stella collagen eye masks on Saturday morning and as we got ready to actually leave the house and mingle with other humans on the island. The Emergen-C Hydration+ packs forced us to re-hydrate after our wine fueled Lizzo dance party. And who doesn't need an extra lip balm to toss in their purse?

The gift packs were about $27 per person, an absolute bargain compared to what they spent to celebrate me. They all insisted I didn’t have to get them anything, but I loved giving them their gifts. It was the least I could do!


I think we nailed the on-trend pool float photoshoot.

What’s your dream Bachelorette party? Tell me in the comments!

Kylie Keene