6 Amazon Buys to Pull Your Life Together in 2019

When I’m not at Orangetheory I’m working out at the gym in my building. My favorite mini resistance bands are linked below!

When I’m not at Orangetheory I’m working out at the gym in my building. My favorite mini resistance bands are linked below!

I’m not really a big resolution girl. I don’t lock myself into a rigid line item goal because not reaching it, or even achieving some variation on the goal but not THE goal makes me feel like a failure. Instead, I like to focus on how I want to FEEL this year and make decisions that keep me feeling that way. In 2019 (and beyond) I want to feel happy, full of love, and proud of my work. This year I plan to say YES to things that keep me on that path and NO to the things that look like a detour. So far? I’m full of love, happy more than I’m sad, and so damn proud of what I do.

One big decision I made as the clock struck midnight on 2019 was to stop chasing my next big thing and be present in my life every day. Instead of searching for our next apartment, I’m going to style and organize the one we have. Instead of adding bigger, more involved projects to my freelance roster in my spare time, I’m going to dial in on my own passion projects (like this blog, hello!) And where I used to fill myself with negative self-talk about my body or face or hair, I’m going to focus on selfcare and love.

To keep me on track with a few of these intentions for the new year, I picked up a few new tools and products that I’m absolutely loving (and some I’m eyeing for the next Amazon Prime order). From planners to skincare products to kitchen organizing bins and more, these little goodies are helping me organize, prioritize, and take care of myself and my space in 2019. Take a peek!

My Favorite Planner

Day Designer for Blue Sky Planner

$29.99. Where my paper and pencil girls at? I have to make a to-do list with my own hands on an actual piece of paper every morning or I simply will not have a focused and productive day. I love the Day Designer because 1. It has a by-the-hour schedule AND a check list section for each day, 2. There’s a separate spot for the day’s Top 3 priorities, 3. The inspirational quotes on each page are a touch of personality that other planner don’t have.

Trying This Skincare Recommendation

Herbivore Botanicals Phoenix Facial Oil

$32. One of my favorite bloggers Sweet Tea with Madi is like the personal hype girl for Herbivore Phoenix oil so I finally caved and ordered it. Still waiting for my previous vial of gold elixir to arrive in the mail, but if Madi’s endorsement is true I’m gonna go to bed looking like a greasy potato chip and wake up looking like a glowy moisturized goddess.

Key to Kitchen Organization

mDesign Plastic Storage Bins

$12.99. I have exactly four upper cabinets in my NYC apartment and TWO of them are filled with all the dry food and snacks we have. There was stuff piled in there with no particular system (like the Honey Bunches of Oats box was next to the beef jerky which was next to a can of black beans?) That is, until I got these clear storage bins! Now everyone has a little home and I can easily see all my snacks at once. Very important.

Hydration is Not a Joke

S’well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

$35.99. I rotate three insulated stainless steel water bottles throughout the week. I don’t drink water out of glass or cups. In fact, I poured myself a drink in an actual glass without a straw (save the baby turtles) a few weeks ago and when I tried to take a sip I completely missed my mouth. I forgot how to drink from a cup? I guess? Who cares these S’well bottles are life and keep my water cold forever and ever. Plus, I’m way better at monitoring my intake and drinking MORE when it’s out of a cute bottle.

Favorite At-Home Workout Tool

Peach Bands Resistance Bands

$17.99. You guys. 2019 is the year of the booty. Snatch up these resistance bands and Pinterest yourself a workout and watch that booty lift and tone and feel really great. Since I work from home and I’m sitting down for 8+ hours, I like to put the light resistance band on my ankles or just below my knees and mindlessly pulse my quads to keep my muscles active. It’s a more discreet version of bringing a balance ball to work and sitting at your desk like it’s a damn bouncy house.

A Vacuum That Will Actually Fit in Your Apartment

Bissell Featherweight Stick Bagless Vacuum

$24.99. When you only have 600 square feet to keep after you don’t need a big bad dirt-sucker to do the job. This little guy is a blogger favorite and I’m seriously impressed it’s still in stock. It’s tiny enough to slip into that awkward space next to your refrigerator but it’ll still pick up the assortment of crumbs leftover from your late night Insomnia Cookie order.

How do you want to FEEL in 2019?

let’s chat about making 2019 the happiest, loveliest, proudest year yet!