How to Get in the Studio Audience for Your Favorite NYC TV Shows

My first few months in New York City have been pretty free-form. With no full time day job, and most of my pals working conventional hours, I don't have anyone to run around with in the city. I knew I'd regret not filling my free time with unique only-in-New-York experiences, so my first stop was something that I definitely couldn't do in Portland, Maine -- Being a member of a live studio audience for my favorite New York City television shows. 

Seeing Live with Kelly & Ryan in person was so much fun! Being on the set of a television show is inspiring to begin with, but when you add accomplished actors, musicians, and other celebrities on top of Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest, you'll walk out of the studio with a greater love for show biz.

Even some longtime New Yorkers don't know that the tickets for shows like the Rachel Ray Show, Live with Kelly & Ryan, and Good Morning America are totally free.

Of course, the more popular the show, the more challenging it can be to score tickets to the date of your choice. If you live here, the date might not matter, but if you're planning to visit NYC soon, reserve or request your show tickets in advance.

My favorite source for scoring free studio audience tickets to New York City based television shows is 1iota.

All but one of the shows below offer free audience tickets via 1iota, as well as many other midday and nighttime television shows. 

Rachael Ray Show

TICKET SOURCE: Direct from
AVAILABILITY: No specific date requests
PROCESS: Complete request form on the website. If you're selected for tickets, you'll receive an e-mail with available dates. Confirm your ticket date ASAP!
YOU SHOULD KNOW: The Rachael Ray Show tapes Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursdays. 

Live with Kelly & Ryan

AVAILABILITY: Specific date requests, but fills up early!
PROCESS: Join 1iota, select Live with Kelly & Ryan, and submit your request. Depending on popularity, you may be placed on a Waitlist. 
YOU SHOULD KNOW: Feeling spontaneous? Check back the night before or even early morning the day of the taping. Some additional unclaimed tickets could be released!

Good Morning America

AVAILABILITY: Specific date requests, great for last minute planners
PROCESS: Join 1iota, select Good Morning America, and submit your request. 
YOU SHOULD KNOW: You may see a live performance from a major artist, a cooking demo, or many other fun segments as a member of the studio audience.

The View

AVAILABILITY: Mostly waitlist, plan ahead
PROCESS: Join 1iota, select The View, and submit your request. 
YOU SHOULD KNOW: Show guests are often announced ahead of time so you can select a date to see the stars you love.