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It all started with my LiveJournal in high school… My super embarrassing LiveJournal. And it turned into a career swirled with boyband videos, self-taught animation, a top-rated radio morning show, viral blog posts, and a penchant for podcasting at every phase of the process. I’m Kylie, host of Little Stories Podcast, manager of The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher, and creator of this little corner of the internet for content creators. I want to help you create stellar content.


Meet Kylie

I lived my whole life in my home state of Maine until two years ago when my husband and I loaded up a truck with our pups for a new adventure in New York City. You can find me working from our cozy little Brooklyn apartment with a dog at my feet, managing The Goal Digger Podcast, hosting Little Stories, and blogging about things like podcasting, getting organized, making freelance money, living the NYC life, and more.


My Favorite Things

Do you like trying new things? These are a few of my favorites from self-care to organization to my absolutely faaavorite leggings that I wear every single day (because working from home means leggings are office appropriate.